Type_ Branding, Art Direction, Photography
Deliverables_ Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Event Photography & Videography, Website, Merchandise


Micro Galleries is an international art project that reclaims disused and forgotten spaces and reactivates them as tiny galleries that are free and accessible to the local community. Bringing together international and local artists, it features work that challenges ingrained ideas, blurs the line between street art and fine art, and aims to help change how we see the world, our environment and our community, even for a micro-moment.

As the head of all things visual for over five years, I was responsible for branding, all visual collateral and documenting each event worldwide with video and photos.


A side project for Micro Galleries, Micro Box wants to connect artists across continents and create worldwide artistic collaborations.

The idea is simple, a box with artwork of any kind is packed by one artist and mailed to another, who then installs the artwork based on their interpretation. According to the idea of curated fragments of artwork, I created an equally modular logo. Obviously, the letter M was asking to be turned into a box.


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