Type_ Branding, Art Direction, Photography
Deliverables_ Brand Identity, Packaging, Labels, Product  & Food Photography, Website, Expo

Aitch's Biltong

When everyone started to bake their own bread during the lockdown, HP & Bessa Odendaal made the South African treat they missed the most in locked-down Hong Kong: Biltong. It quickly became a hit with fellow South Africans in Hong Kong, and "Aitch's" was born. Since then, they have grown into a successful business providing many other products.

So naturally, their homemade logo wasn't enough anymore, so they needed a complete overhaul of their branding while keeping the by-now established logo. 

To set themselves apart from all the other rustic packs on the snack shelf and to honour the exclusive Wagyu they use, high-end packaging was the goal. By reducing the design to the essentials and keeping it minimal and clean, the pack feels slick, stylish and upscale.

I also art directed and shot the product and commercial photography.


For their new line of a lean version, we adjusted the packaging only in colour. Red, an auspicious colour in HK and the only other colour in Aitch's branding, was a clear choice. It truly pops from the shelf!


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